An Exemplary Initiative by an Engaged Citizen

Solar lighting for the walking and bicycle path between Aibling and Bad Feilnbach, Germany

The walking and bicycle path along the old train route from Aibling to Bad Feilnbach has been enhanced with the modern, self-sustaining solar lamps protos80 between Willing and Berbling. This addition has dramatically increased the safety of pedestrians and cyclists using the trail at night.

This important project came about exclusively through the exemplary engagement of a concerned citizen who personally financed all of the solar lamps. All of the involved parties are in agreement that the first solar lamps from photinus to be installed in the region have a number of advantages. They require no electricity, no wiring, no excavations, and by not producing any CO² they are completely in line with contemporary ecological trends. The light output of the solar lamps was also met with astonishment.

A total of 26 solar lamps protos80 from the Vorarlberg manufacturer photinus were installed along the 1300 meter long walking and bicyle path at 50 meter intervals. The installation of the solar lamps was coordinated by photinus partner HL Lichttechnik from Ruhpolding on the behalf of Aibling public utilities who took charge in implementing the Aibling resident’s suggestion.

(photo credits HL Lichttechnik)


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