First roundabout with solar street lighting

First roundabout with solar street lighting in Germany

In order to encrease traffic safety four "worksun" - a self-sustaining, solar LED lighting system from photinus/Austria - were installed in the center of the roundabout "Hangelsberg", in a modified version with special ground screws. Due to the modular mounting concept and adjustable grade of the photovoltaic modules, the worksun is the perfect luminaire for street lighting.

According to the Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NL Ost, NB Eberswalde/SM Fürstenwalde this installation in Grünheide presents a pilot project. The conspicuous accumulation of accidents was the trigger for this investment. By this measure they hoped for an increasing in the attention of the road users and thus a reduction of accidents.

The execution of this pilot project was impemented by the company LUT Leistung und Technik GmbH from Eberswalde.


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