Flagship Project – Wenschdorf
Community solar lighting projekt

Forward-Looking Flagship Project – Wenschdorf

Community successfully champions solar lighting

A few weeks ago, what many were already convinced of was clearly demonstrated. The modern, self-sufficient solar lights from photinus look right at home in Wenschdorf, a neighborhood in Miltenberg.

With their suitable size and modern design, the 28 aron grande and merkur300 lights do not merely fit into their surroundings, they prove their worth with their impressive lighting capabilities.

The technical planning from HL Lichttechnik paired with the innovative engineering of the solar lights with precise LED optics enable a uniform illumination of the streets.

Community Led Solar Lighting Project

The original plan of installing a new, electric-powered street lamp system got the ball rolling when community members began to consider the associated costs of wiring, excavation, installation, and upkeep.

The 140 residents did not love this idea. So, they took control of the initiative, did their own research, spoke with mayors from other communities, and contacted experts. Eventually, they put on an information session that convinced even the last skeptic of solar lighting and were thus able to obtain the support of the Miltenberg city council for “Your Project – Solar Lighting for Wenschdorf.”

The Wenschdorf community preferred the solar lighting for a number of reasons. For one thing, solar lighting was the more economic option, since the assembly did not require any excavation or wiring. Likewise, there were no extra energy costs and the LED solar lamps are low maintenance.

In addition, environmentally friendly solar power serves as a contribution to energy savings and this flagship project would be a commitment to environmental consciousness.

Solar Street Lighting of the Highest Form

The performance of a solar lamp is limited by the available sunlight where it is located. As such, the quality of the individual components and their interplay is especially important. It is always a good idea to compare competing bids because caution is recommended with regards to many conventional vendors of cheap solar lamps.

The photinus solar lights perform at the highest level with modern design and can guarantee sufficient energy for maximal reliability even at crucial locations (e.g. shadow, fog, snow). A precise, intelligent regulation system with energy optimizing time management and day-night recognition system in conjunction with high efficiency LEDs and highly developed optics allows for a truly impressive performance.

(photo credits HL Lichttechnik)

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