Impressive new developments in the aron light group

Impressive new developments in the brilliant aron light group

The aron product group now has even more attractive functionality and easier servicing.


The new battery is currently one of the most advanced technologies on the market. If necessary, the battery can be discharcheg to an 80% DOD. Based on the average discharge, the aron is available for up to 5000 cycles.The technology provides critical locations (shadow, fog,...) with a secure power supply. Greater safety is a benefit of consistent light intensy.


Starting immediately all aron lights in the new Hella LED modules with up to 3000 lm (138lm/W) will be available. The result is a significant increase in the light capacity of 15% with constant energy consumption.


Making the complicated simple - the controls are no installed directly in the light housing. Now the reprogramming of the lights can be easily carried out from the ground.


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