Solar lights illuminate parking area of a major car centre

Photinus GmbH & Co KG - Autozentrum Ries

solar lights illuminate the parking area of a major car centre

“Autozentrum Ries” – a major car retail company – choose the solar luminaires aron grande and aron duo to illuminate its parking area for new and used cars. All autarkic, solar LED lights were installed in Bad Soden – Salmünster, a place close to Frankfurt am Main, last week. This new, off grid lighting solution is ideal for the parking area because the system works without wiring and thus can be amortized in a short period of time. Aron solar lights are self-sustaining, solar LED- streetlights generally applied either in areas without electrical infrastructure or in areas that are not economically electrical developable. Vertical alignment of special, photinus high-performance modules on the 360° PV fixture prevents snow accumulation in winter and thus provides plenty of energy in every season Sophisticated energy saving modes guarantee operations throughout a number of nights - even during continuous bad weather conditions All Aron products are, due to excellent lighting performance, the perfect solution for residential and minor roads, cycle- and walkways as well as parking areas.

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